We adventured to the library earlier this week in search of the Lorax. Sadly our library didn’t have it. We opted for other Dr Seuss books instead. I say“we” but it’s more like “me” since little one can’t really choose things yet. I choose 3 Seuss books I had never heard of before.DSC_0130 I was delightfully surprised when reading “Hooray for Diffendoofer Day!” because it had some “unschooley” undertones. It’s about a wacky teacher and school, that in the true Dr. Suess way, teach the kids absurd things. DSC_0132The principle, like many unschooling parents or parents in general, frets often about whether the kids are learning anything. The principal announces the school has to take a test. If they don’t pass the school will shut down and they will be sent to this boring school where everyone is the same. The main teacher fears not because she is confident that the kids have learned the most important skill of all and that is how to think! DSC_0131Although the children haven’t learned everything they do know how to use their brains. Armed with this ability they tackle the test and the school is saved. This book has now made the top of my favorite children’s books. I would recommend this book anyone and especially those of you considering this unschooling adventure.

This book also had a delightful section with the backstory about how it came to be. Dr. Seuss left this story unfinished when he died. It was finished out with the help of his editor and two others. I don’t know why but this fascinated me that the great Dr. Seuss could have hang ups as well. I always imagined that the words always just flowed seamlessly from his mind to the page.


 I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! Leave your favorite book in the comment section.